BRC’s Market Analysis Platform

The BRC’s Market Analysis Platform is designed to help our members identify regions where wind or solar projects are more likely to be economically attractive. By comparing recent market prices with the estimated cost of wind or solar plants, this platform provides insight into wind and solar economics.

BRC members can filter results based upon:

  • Technology

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    Users can choose to see results for solar plants, wind plants, or the more valuable option at any location.

  • Time Period


    Users can choose to view revenues based on the last 3 years or the last 12 months of market prices.

  • REC Treatment


    Users can see results based on various approaches to managing a project’s renewable energy certificates.


Who is this platform for?

  • BRC’s Market Analysis Platform is designed to help potential buyers and others better understand renewable energy market economics and price trends by location.

What does BRC’s Market Analysis Platform do?

  • Our platform estimates a hypothetical projects revenues and costs and then compares the two to estimate its net “value.”

How do you calculate “value?”

  • “Value” represents the net difference between a hypothetical plant’s revenues and its levelized cost of energy, or LCOE.
    • Revenues are estimated by combining estimated hourly generation at a specific point with hourly wholesale electricity prices to estimate annual revenues from selling electricity into the local market.
    • Costs are estimated by applying industry standard values and regional installed cost estimates to an economic cost model.

Want to learn more?

The BRC Market Analysis Platform is available to our members. Click the link to learn how to join the BRC.